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Summer Highlights in Vero Beach

As much of the town knows, the city of Vero Beach is turning 100! At White Glove Moving and Storage, we are excited to be an in-kind sponsor for the Centennial. August 2-5th it is tax free weekend. Back to school shopping will be cost effective with these great savings. Check out the Riverside Theatre Back-to-School party August 3rd with great after school options.  Also, the Arial Circus is coming to town August 2-4th at Leisure Square. Save the date for Aug. 24th for a day of family fun at Leisure Square. Check out our weekly show with in-depth interviews too every Wednesday.

Additional summer highlights in Vero Beach includes food.  When summer hits the Treasure Coast, it can often cause folks to run inside for central air and rarely resurface. Yet for many of the chefs throughout our area, it is a time to get creative.  Featuring, seasonal ingredients and dining al fresco, even as the temperature begins to rise.  As the weather warms up, find the good in it all by experiencing some of our area’s best restaurants.  Even better, there is virtually no wait time!

After a devastating fire closed the oceanfront, Citrus Grillhouse, Chef Scott Varricchio is back with the newly named Citrus restaurant.  Progress about a year, the venue is fresh with revamped color schemes, seating and acoustics.  Additionally, the staff is gracious and cheerful to be back at work open for dinner seven days a week and lunches Monday through Saturday.  Best part, being able to sit outside this time of year with some of the best panoramic views in the county.   In his featured salad, Chef views it as his rendition of “peaches and cream.”  It includes, burrata with local peaches and baby arugula dressed with a fig vanilla balsamic and crumbled almond.  It is a true culinary delight for those looking for something semi-savory yet surprising light.  Burrata is a fresh Italian cow milk cheese made from mozzarella and cream.  Delightfully, the robust flavors of the fresh peaches and herbaceous of the arugula and nuttiness of the almonds made for a wonderful merriment of flavors accentuated by the La Marco prosecco split.  Consequently, Chef’s new summer menu will include an array of fresh and seasonal ingredients like corn, shellfish and soft-shell crab.  When given the chance, be sure to add on an order of the truffle fries. They are so scrumptious and easy to share, chef kids “I think I am a pretty good chef, yet people seem to really know me for my fries.”

Next, the Blue Star in downtown Vero Beach is also thinking creatively with fresh, local ingredients. Chef Kitty Wagner’s signature summer watermelon salad is a work of art when it comes out of the kitchen.  It features, sweet Florida watermelon, crumbled feta, pickled red onion, arugula and kalamata olives provide a pleasing salty, tangy yet sweet flavor profile in every bite. “These are the kind of flavors that entice the taste buds,” Chef Kitty elaborated on, “yet it isn’t overly filling making it a great starter course or a fine dish to be served after one’s meal.”  Accented by perfectly sliced kalamata olives that helps the dish to look like a ray of watermelon sunshine, the herbiness of the arugula shines through the saltiness of the feta while adding structure to the sweetness of the watermelon. What is the dressing you might be asking? Nothing, the juice from the watermelon and the fresh feta mixed together serves as its own sensational sauce. Perhaps the best accent to the dish was the crispness and subtle strawberry profile of the Mont Gravet 2017 rose.  Served perfectly chilled, this full-bodied rose is perfect for sipping on before, during and after this dish. It’s profile also has the finesse to stand up to the density of Kitty’s famous risotto.

When in Sebastian, be sure to visit the Crab Stop. It is right on the river and provides terrific views and a wonderful breeze.  Adorned with baby blue umbrellas and a happy staff, the Crab Stop of Sebastian is open daily Monday through Saturday from 11am-9pm and Sundays from 1pm-9pm.  At this riverfront restaurant, fresh and flavorful seafood is the star and it shows.  My pick, the Mrs. BB Shrimp Salad was a great choice on a warm afternoon.  This robust salad had eight grilled and seasoned shrimp on top of a bed of romaine tossed with tomatoes, cucumber, egg and plenty of shredded cheddar cheese. Looking for a real bonus? Try adding crumbled bacon really makes this salad pop!  Better yet,  pair it with the red sangria, made with Sycamore Lane Cabernet. Refreshing sangria helped bring out the flavors of the salad and the tangy balsamic dressing.  Consequently, the berry profile was sensational and was highlighted by the freshly muddled citrus.  With a second location in Vero Beach, be sure to visit this local success story with the owners winning Entrepreneur of the Year in Vero Beach and Sebastian.


Summer highlights in Vero Beach outside of food include all the fun at Riverside Theatre.  Every weekend there is a free concert in the loop. Beyond that, in the air conditioning, check out a comedy show or dueling pianos; it is awesome!